'Little Happy' Tutorials

"I hope that you find these tutorials helpful....always remember there is no right or wrong, so go with a technique or a stitch that makes you happy.  We're not aiming for perfection, every stitch will tell a story and show that what you have made has been sewn with little happiness and lots of love!

We are slowly creating a selection of Little Happy Video Tutorials, which can be found on our Schoolhouse You Tube Channel, in addition there are a comprehensive range of 'little happy tutorials on our Blog....click on the links below."


(Owner | Designer | Happy Stitcher) at Pretty Fabrics and Trims

Detailed below are a small selection of our most popular 'little happy' tutorials available on our Blog to help you complete your kit.  If you click on the image it will take you directly to the written tutorial.

For our full selection of 'little happy' tutorials and FREE Patterns HERE.