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A vibrant collection of quilting weight cottons from a range of designers at Michael Miller Fabrics.  Perfect for all your crafting needs including bunting, patchwork and dressmaking.

We are delighted to offer our selection fabrics in a variety of sizes so that you can select just the right amount for your project.  

Choose from our popular 'Mini' and 'Small' Precut Pieces making them perfect for little projects. In addition they are also available by the FQ (Fat Quarter), For multiple FQ's purchased in the same design you will receive one continuous length of fabric

1 FQ = 55cm wide x 50cm long
2 FQ's = 110cm wide x 50cm long 
3 FQ's = 110cm wide x 75cm long
4 FQ's = 110cm wide x 100cm long
5 FQ's = 110cm wide x 125cm long
6 FQ's = 110cm wide x 150cm long
8 FQ's = 110cm wide x 200cm long

~ For the scale the button shown measures 17mm by 17mm

All our fabrics are carefully cut by us using both rotary cutters and scissors.

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