Our Story

Pretty Fabrics and Trims is of a mother (Penny) and daughter (Sarah) team with a love of pretty fabrics and sewing.

Sewing has always been an important part of our family life and whilst very often we have sewn through necessity, without a doubt, the sense of well being and calmness that can be felt when sewing is priceless.  We were both lucky enough to grow up surrounded by piles of pretty fabrics and being taught timeless needlework skills by our mothers.  Looking back at our recent generations, Great Nanny Halliday was a tailoress in the 1920's and her daughter Nanny Flo continued the tradition, passing on the skills to her daughter Penny .... not many weekends passed when Sarah was growing up, when you couldn't hear the tone of a sewing machine in the background, with Penny hard at work.  It's no surprise that Sarah started sewing at an early age, making clothes and pretty quilts for her dolls as soon as she could thread a needle.  Making quilts and hand sewing is Sarah's passion and she loves nothing better than spending her evenings and weekends with an English Paper Piecing, applique or a small hand stitched project.  She is already teaching her children how to sew......

About Pretty Fabrics & Trims

Pretty Fabrics and Trims was born from an idea Sarah had in 2011, to have a 'shop' full of the prettiest fabrics, ribbons and trims possible, just like the ones that she loved to sew with but found hard to buy in the UK.  Penny jumped straight on board at the first mention of pretty fabrics and together, they 'opened' the website in early 2012.  

Since then, many pretty parcels full of loveliness have been sent all over the world. From our humble beginings cutting fabric on Penny's kitchen table, in the spring of 2015 our ever growing fabric collection necessitated a move to our current larger, light and airy workroom in Ruskington, a pretty Lincolnshire village with a brook running through its centre.

Everything at Pretty Fabrics and Trims has and always will be, chosen with great care and because we love it.

The next step...

It’s not about standing still and becoming safe. If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change.” — Miles Davis

Over the last couple of years we have found that we spend more and more time designing lovely quilts and projects, this is something that we absolutely LOVE to do! 

In July 2018, we relaunched the website,  with our primary focus now being our Block of the Month Clubs and our own 'in house' range of Kits, Patterns and Templates, all designed by Sarah.  We have so many ideas and are thoroughly looking forward to introducing new designs on a regular basis!  We also offer a select range of Haberdashery, English Paper Piecing and Applique supplies, the ones that we use day in day out and wouldn't want to be without.

Whether you are looking to make your very first quilt or perhaps you are an experienced quilter looking for the next project, our mission is to provide you with the prettiest kits, patterns and fabrics possible and to give inspiration and support through the many FREE projects and 'little happy' tutorials that we share on our blog 'A Little Happy Place'.

We also appreciate how important it is to give back to the community, so we have over the years donated hundreds on metres of fabric to the hard working quilting charities: Project Linus and Sibblings Together.  Plus, to encourge the younger generations to sew, we have given fabric and felt to local Primary Schools and to the Textile Departments at several Senior Schools in the area.

For daily snippets and updates, you can also find us on Instagram and on Facebook... and don't forget to sign up for our monthly(ish) Newsletter!

Finally, we believe in good old fashioned customer service, our family motto is "treat as you would like to be treated", which should mean that you are always 100% happy. If EVER this is not the case or you have a suggestion on how we can improve the service that you receive, please do let us know, we love to hear from you!

Our very best wishes & happy stitches

Penny & Sarah