'Happy Stitches Journal' Members Page

23rd January.....It's Subscription Day! (For members who paid their £1 reservation fee to book their place)

Thank you again for reserving a place to make the Happy Stitches Journal. We have been super busy and your month 1 parcels full of loveliness are all ready to be posted. Today,  we are asking you to set up a monthly subscription payment via your Paypal account to us. To do this, on the Paypal Subsciption link opposite -----> 

1. First select your country/zone of residence in the dropdown box (by clicking on the triangle) and for our overseas friends, whether you would like your parcel sent via Standard Airmail or Priority Mail, choose from:

  • UK (sent by 1st class post)
  • EU Standard Airmail
  • EU Priority Mail
  • International Standard Airmail
  • International Priority Mail

2. Then click on the yellow 'SUBSCRIBE' button, this will take you to your Paypal account and will arrange a debit today for January's subscription payment and will put the process in place to automatically take the subsequent 11 monthly payments. It will automatically cancel after 12 payments.

If you are in the UK and have set up a Standing Order from your bank account to ours, there is no need for you to set up a Paypal subscription, however, if you haven't already, please could you let us know that your standing order payment is in place.

Thank you for your assistance!

Thank you for joining the 'Happy Stitches Journal' Subscription Club!

On this page we will post updates for the Club, the first post will be on start up day, which is the 23rd January.

On this day we will update this page with a link to set up your monthly Paypal subscription.  For those of you already in another Block of the Month Club, you will be familiar with this and know how well this works.  For those of you who haven't done this before, rest assured it's a painless process. By setting up a Paypal subscription to us your monthly payments will automatically be debited from your Paypal account each month.  Once it is in place you do not need to do anything, with the exception of cancelling the subscription at the end of the Block of the Month. Don't worry we will remind you and should you inadvertently forget, we will obviously refund any over-payment without hesitation!

If your are in the UK and would prefer NOT to pay via Paypal, we are more than happy for you to pay directly in to our Bank Account.  Please get in touch HERE if you would like this option.

We will also provide you with a link to our dedicated Facebook group for our Block of the Month members. This is a private forum only open to club members, somewhere where you could share your progress month by month, ask for advice from fellow club members, to share helpful tips and to make quilty friends. 

Fingers crossed there will not be any, but we'll also post any pattern erratas on here too, so please do check back often!

If at any time you need any help or have any questions, please do get in touch HERE.

Happy stitches,

Sarah and Penny