Pattern Corrections

I try extremely hard for my patterns to be as perfect as possible and although I take great care when pattern writing, occasionally a mistake slips through. When brought to my attention, I will immediately fix the error in any future printings and post the corrections here.

Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions, please do get in touch!


Christmas Tree Mini Quilt Pattern

In the cutting instructions for the Background Fabrics, for piece A6, it says: cut (2) 2” x 2” rectangles it should say cut (2) 2" x 2" squaresThe measurement is correct, it is the shape description that is an error.

Pentagon Flowers Quilt Pattern

In the cutting instructions for the Pentagon Flowers Blocks, it says:

• From (20) different Low Volume Background Fabrics cut:
- (2) 8 ½” squares
From (1) further Low Volume Background Fabrics cut:
- (1) 8 ½” square

You only require (40) background fabrics on which, you applique (40) EPP Pentagon Flowers.  Therefore you do not need to cut the additional (1) 8 ½” square.

Little Bee Needle Book

  • In the Cutting Instructions on P. 3, it says:

From the cotton off white solid fabric cut:
    -> Pocket Linings - (3) 4" x 5" rectangles.  You only require (2) 4" x 5" rectangles.

  • In the Piecing Instructions, second paragraph on P. 3 it says:

Hand or machine sew the 8" piece of straight edge lace.   It should say 5 1/2" piece of straight edge lace.

  • In the Piecing Instructions, third paragraph on P.3, where you are adding the Needle Book ties, I only talk about adding one ribbon tie, so it says:

Then place a raw edge of the ribbon overlapping the right hand side raw edge of the embroidery by approx 1/4". Tack in place making sure your stitches are a smidge in from the ¼” seam allowance, so that they will be hidden once you add the Needle Book Binding. It shoud also say:  Repeat on the left hand side, with the second ribbon tie.  The diagram in the pattern is correct and shows both ribbon ties.


Merry and Bright Mini Quilt

  • In the Cutting Instructions on P. 3, it says:

From fabric K: using your ¾” EPP hexagon templates as a guide, cut* (1) hexagon. It should say "using your EPP diamond template as a guide, cut* (6) diamonds."

The pattern instructions, photo's and diagrams, plus the EPP papers and fabric included in the kit are all correct.