Secret Squirrel Stitch Society Yearly Subscription

Thank you for joining the Secret Squirrel Stitch Society.   If you're are in the UK and would prefer NOT to pay via Paypal, we are more than happy for you to pay directly in to our Bank Account. Please get in touch HERE if you would refer this option.

Your subscription will be for 12 monthly payments and you will receive 4 boxes.  Please remember payments are made in advance:

  • Payments made in October/November & December are for the WINTER box posted mid January.
  • Payments made in January/February & March are for the SPRING box posted mid April.
  • Payments made in April/May & June are for the SUMMER box posted mid July.
  • Payments made in July/August & September are for the AUTUMN box posted mid October.


Please may we politely remind you to also purchase the original  £1 Reservation Listing along with setting up your subscription.  This provides us with your address, so we know where to send your box!  

Happy stitches,

Sarah and Penny

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