Happiness is Home Sweet Home Block of the Month Members Page

Thank you again for signing up for our Happiness is Home Sweet Home Block of the Month!

To make things a little easier from here on in, we are asking you to set up a monthly subscription service via your Paypal account to us, for those of you already in our existing Block of the months you will be familiar with this. By setting up a Paypal subscription to us your monthly payments will automatically be debited from your Paypal account each month. Once it is in place you do not need to do anything, with the exception of cancelling the subscription at the end of the Block of the Month.......don't worry we will remind you and should you inadvertently forget, we will obviously refund any over-payment without hesitation!

So this is the bit where we need your help, please can you select your country/zone of residence and then click on the yellow 'SUBSCRIBE' link below, this will take you to your Paypal account and will arrange a debit today for October's subscription payment and will put the process in place to automatically take subsequent monthly payments. Thank you for your assistance!