'The Spring Sampler' Block of the Month Members Page

Thank you for joining the 'The Spring Sampler' Block of the Month Club!

On this page we will post updates for the Block of the Month Club.  Month 1 parcels will be posted on the 1st April. EDITED 27th March: we had the month one parcels ready, so in view of the COVID situation and as you had all paid in advance, we posted your parcels full of loveliness today!

Your monthly subscription for Month 2 is due on the 1st May.  On this day we will update this page with a link to set up your monthly Paypal subscription, which, will also take care of payments for the remaining two months.  For those of you already in another Block of the Month Club, you will be familiar with this and know how well this works.  For those of you who haven't done this before, rest assured it's a painless process. By setting up a Paypal subscription to us your monthly payments will automatically be debited from your Paypal account each month.  Once it is in place you do not need to do anything and it will automatically cancel after the final month.

If you're are in the UK and would prefer NOT to pay via Paypal, we are more than happy for you to pay directly in to our Bank Account.  Please get in touch HERE if you would like this option.

Fingers crossed there will not be any, but we'll also post any pattern erratas on here too, so please do check back often!

If at any time you need any help or have any questions, please do get in touch HERE.

Happy stitches,

Sarah and Penny